Hi Cathi,

Thanks so much for attending the Golf School

Here are a few notes to help you out just in case you forget anything that we worked on.

Swing Set-Up

Your set-up needs work so that you do not flex your knees down prior to hitting your shots. 

Your arms should feel like they’re hanging from your body and your knees are flexed not bent.

Your swing looks great when your body turn pulls the club through. I would like you to work on a balanced finish to your shot. Imagine that you are a professional on tour, having your picture taken at the end of your swing. 

(Below would be 2 videos on her swing)

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Your putting looks great when your alignment is good. 

Place a golf shaft on the ground between your golf ball and your feet so that you can check that your feet are parallel to the target line.

You could do this on a putting green, or at home.

( 2 videos on her putting)


Your chipping looks good when:

  • you use your body turn
  • and you keep your body weight on your lead leg
  • and you feel the club head stays low to the ground on your follow-through.

( 2 chipping videos below)

Bunker play

Your bunker play is the same as your full swing.

You just need to:

  • use your body turn to pull the club through, and
  • feel as though you’re hitting the sand onto the golf green, not hitting the ball out of the bunker.

Thanks again and I hope to see you soon for some follow-up lessons.

Best regards,